Edgewood Kitchen

Much like Frankenstein, this old kitchen had been pieced together from spare parts and spaces.  The range and
refrigerator each were tucked into an old wall openings (you had to duck if you wanted to lean in and check something on
 a back burner of the range!) and a laundry room belligerently blocked access to the back yard.  The dishwasher was far
away from the sink around a corner.  And if you wanted something out of the refrigerator, you nearly had to leave the
The new kitchen was created by gutting the old kitchen and also by adding a small 60 square foot addition.  This tiny
amount of additional space was the critical improvement, giving the kitchen a more functional shape; even
enlarging the space enough to allow for the installation of  an island "gathering area" with seating and a prep sink.  A new
 commercial grade 6-burner range was installed under a custom hood with a built in wall oven installed just to the right. 
The new dishwasher was located  adjacent to the  kitchen sink, allowing for easy loading and unloading with minimal
effort and a state of the art refrigerator was installed, recessed in a custom wall opening.
The laundry area was also reconfigured to create a passage way from the kitchen directly to the backyard.  Before the
renovation, you had to walk through the dining room, the study and into a hallway to reach a door that lead to the

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