Lake Heather Master Bath and Bedroom

This master bathroom was dark and dated prior to its recent renovation. Although still functional and being used on a daily basis, it just wasn't living up to its "full potential."  With the assistance of an Interior designer, the Owners were able to recapture the luxurious feel and timeless design that this bathroom was meant to have. 

After gutting the interior of the bathroom, except for a few pieces of drywall, electrial and plumbing modifications began. Since the Owners were planning on staying in this house for many years to come, they were very receptive to some ideas that we were able to offer to help make this space one that they can age in easily. We integrated blocking in the walls for future grab bars, updated lighting in key locations and even created a curbless entry into the massive shower. The walls over the shower and water closet were extended up to the ceiling. Radiant heat was installed beneath the new marble floor, keeping the normally cold floors warm and toasty during even the coldest winter days.  The new shower enclosure is frameless on three sides, allowing natural light in and creating a much more open feel for both the shower and the bathroom as a whole. The ceiling height of the shower was raised as well.

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