Hoover Attic Conversion

One of the Owners had been working from home in a shared office space for quite some time prior to us starting this project. Those with small children understand that working from home is great, in that it allows you to take breaks as needed to be there for your family, whether it's for some quick homework help, or so you can squeeze in a little extra work after putting the last child to bed. However, ease of access for the "little ones" with no office privacy can be a challenge if you are trying to complete a major work project against a fast approaching deadline or participate in a conference call.  With this in mind, the Owners asked us to convert an unused attic space into a dedicated office space. To make this new office space work, we had to relocate a water heater, install a new independent floor joist system and add a new dormer with large windows to allow plenty of light into the new work space. New electrical, HVAC and insulation components were installed. Drywall was applied to newly framed and furred walls and ceilings. Trim and cabinets were installed to create custom work space, perfect for the home office.  We were even able to squeeze in a bit more storage to the left and right of the new dormer by installing new sealed "half" doors allowing access to open attic spaces on either side.

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