Homewood Kitchen & Dining Room

Coming from an Italian Family, the kitchen of a home holds a special place in the Owners of this home's heart. "I come from a big Italian family, and life was completely centered around the kitchen", the wife recently told the Over the Mountain Journal, in Birmingham, AL. "My parents and grandparents always had something cooking on the stove, and it is a place that holds a lot of good memories. I want that for my children, too" she continued. After saving their money so that they could pay for the project as it progressed instead of borrowing, they decided the time was right... almost. The one curveball... the wife was pregnant with the family's second child! After giving it some thought, the Owners decided that it may be now or never and decided to move forward with the project. The kitchen was gutted, which include up to five layers of flooring in some parts, and the wall separating the kitchen from the dining room was removed. New electrical and plumbing rough was installed as needed, including new soft recessed lighting and wiring for undercabinet lighting. Cabinets with granite countertops were installed with a peninsula located where the old wall separating the kitchen and dining room was. An off-white stone backsplash was installed to help tie the cabinets and countertops together. New wood flooring was installed in the kitchen and were woven into the existing wood floor in the dining room. Trim and painting was completed and new stainless appliances were installed to create a new open kitchen that will be used by the Ferguson family for many years to come.

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