Prepare your House for the Family staying over the Holidays

"Christmas Vacation" 1989

"Christmas Vacation" 1989

Cleanup, and Quick Fixes, for the Holiday Season and Family Gatherings

1.     The water heater: Check the temp, and check the functionality

Young kids, and grandparents are susceptible to the hot water heater over the holidays. Be sure you turn down the temperature for children and the elderly. Make sure you check the lines, and the pilot light. The water heater will get used a lot over the holidays, make sure it operates to full potential.

2.     Air Filters, and Fans

Put in new air filters, their will be a lot more people in the house. Dust, dirt, and other particles can quickly choke an older air filter. Make sure ceiling fans are spinning clockwise during the winter months for better warm air circulation. Check fans/ vents in bedrooms, the overhead fan in the kitchen, and most importantly the bathrooms. Moving air is clean air for the family.

3.     Smoke detectors

Change the batteries! Space heaters for grandpa, the oven left on by a great aunt, or a cat chewing on the Christmas lights can cause major fire damage. If you have time try and put one on every floor and large space in the house. An operational smoke detector can protect against extensive damage.

4.     Door stoppers

Kids will be running around the house, and doors will slam in a rush of excitement for presents and food. Save your dry wall this Holiday season and install doorstops for every door. The standard “spring” stops are easy to install and cheaper than new dry wall and paint.

5.     Wheel Chair access, or limited access

A grandparent may be in a wheel chair this year, and you’re hosting them for the holidays. You may not have time to build an approved ramp, but you can help them get from one room to the other. Taking some doors off the hinges, moving furniture, and removing a rug on hardwood are all ways to make it easier for them to move around with the kids.

6.     Check the drains and pipes

The added use of drains and pipes suddenly could cause problems during the holidays. Make sure water is flowing smoothly, and any obstructions like hair are removed from the drains. If you’re on a septic line make sure you add the enzymes atleast once a year to keep it from filling up too fast.

7.     Gutters

A rainy day before the holiday festivities could mean a leak from plugged gutters. If you are not able to get on the roof, or are not comfortable in climbing ladders play it safe and call a gutter guy. This is also a great project to do while your putting up Christmas lights on the roof.