Creative Storage Solutions: Minimalism Behind the Scenes

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Do you love the minimalist look but struggle to achieve it in your own home? Kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms, are high traffic parts of your home. The newest storage trends keep these well-used spaces streamlined. Perfection is not as effortless as it may appear; there’s a lot going on behind the scenes to achieve organization and clutter-free surfaces!

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The Newest Kitchens Cater to Cleanliness

One of the latest kitchen trends eschews upper cabinets in favor of below-counter storage. Floating shelves, stone sills, and cabinets without doors are popular, but are often staged like displays. On one hand, it can be a headache to keep open shelving looking picture-perfect and free of dust, but everything is in sight and within reach. Many homeowners install customized drawers and cabinets below their countertops. Under counter storage is ideal for storing dishes, cookware, and food. Drawers with pegs keep plates and bowls stable in drawers to avoid breakage. Adjustable dividers, in deep drawers, allow you to customize compartments for individual items.

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Of course, pull-out trash cans and recycling bins are still more popular than ever. Tall roll-out cabinets are perfect for storing utensils upright, or taller items, like canisters of flour or bottles of oil. Your countertops will stay clear because you have a space to store everything. You are also less likely to misplace perishables. Walk-in pantries are trending but if you don’t have the space, roll-out pantry cabinetry works. Roll out cabinets allow you to see all the way to the back of the cabinet. Losing food items on a crowded pantry shelf is one wasteful occurrence that happens due to out of date storage options.

Up to Date, Organized Laundry Rooms and Bathrooms

Some older homes only have washer/dryer connections in the kitchen, creating an eyesore. We thought an ingenious solution was installing a pair of custom cabinets, disguising a washer and dryer in our client’s kitchen. Remodeled laundry rooms boast custom storage options like fold out ironing boards, tilt-out hampers, drying racks, or drying closets. Basic cabinetry for storing cleaning products has become elaborate and spacious. Linen closets or storage cubbies for individual family members are now widely available in the laundry room.

To keep bathrooms organized vanity drawers are becoming deeper and more plentiful. Many bathroom drawers also have dividers. Some bathrooms have specialized drawers with heat resistant holders for hair tools! Separate, freestanding shelving is also popular. Built-in niches keep showers free of shelving units, which can rust and collect a layer of soap scum. Shower niches tucked out of sight from the bathroom’s entryway, or played up with elaborate tile, are attractive choices.

Because people are so busy these days, design trends must serve double duty. Not only are the newest designs beautiful, but they are almost guaranteed to make your life easier. Wiping down your countertops is much easier if you aren’t moving several gadgets with no dedicated home. Cleaning your shower is faster when you don’t have to remove a ton of products to scrub a metal shower shelf. If you want to remodel your home with any of these trending options, contact ELM today. We have a creative solution for your all your storage challenges!