Prepare your House for the Family staying over the Holidays

"Christmas Vacation" 1989

"Christmas Vacation" 1989

Cleanup, and Quick Fixes, for the Holiday Season and Family Gatherings

1.     The water heater: Check the temp, and check the functionality

Young kids, and grandparents are susceptible to the hot water heater over the holidays. Be sure you turn down the temperature for children and the elderly. Make sure you check the lines, and the pilot light. The water heater will get used a lot over the holidays, make sure it operates to full potential.

2.     Air Filters, and Fans

Put in new air filters, their will be a lot more people in the house. Dust, dirt, and other particles can quickly choke an older air filter. Make sure ceiling fans are spinning clockwise during the winter months for better warm air circulation. Check fans/ vents in bedrooms, the overhead fan in the kitchen, and most importantly the bathrooms. Moving air is clean air for the family.

3.     Smoke detectors

Change the batteries! Space heaters for grandpa, the oven left on by a great aunt, or a cat chewing on the Christmas lights can cause major fire damage. If you have time try and put one on every floor and large space in the house. An operational smoke detector can protect against extensive damage.

4.     Door stoppers

Kids will be running around the house, and doors will slam in a rush of excitement for presents and food. Save your dry wall this Holiday season and install doorstops for every door. The standard “spring” stops are easy to install and cheaper than new dry wall and paint.

5.     Wheel Chair access, or limited access

A grandparent may be in a wheel chair this year, and you’re hosting them for the holidays. You may not have time to build an approved ramp, but you can help them get from one room to the other. Taking some doors off the hinges, moving furniture, and removing a rug on hardwood are all ways to make it easier for them to move around with the kids.

6.     Check the drains and pipes

The added use of drains and pipes suddenly could cause problems during the holidays. Make sure water is flowing smoothly, and any obstructions like hair are removed from the drains. If you’re on a septic line make sure you add the enzymes atleast once a year to keep it from filling up too fast.

7.     Gutters

A rainy day before the holiday festivities could mean a leak from plugged gutters. If you are not able to get on the roof, or are not comfortable in climbing ladders play it safe and call a gutter guy. This is also a great project to do while your putting up Christmas lights on the roof.



Turning Antique Building Materials into Living History for your Home

Click the Slide show to view the how the Floor Joists turned into a decorative shelf


Demolition day is exciting and can get a little messy, but there can be treasures found on demo day with ELM.

It is not just the millennial hipsters recycling old wood, doors, and copper piping to decorate homes. This restored style in today’s homes encourages recycling those old wood boards into something spectacular.

Here are some ideas:

·      Old pipes for a towel rack

·      Antique doors as a breakfast or dining table

·      Scrap hardwood flooring into picture frames


In one of Elm’s most recent projects we took some old floor joists from the late 1920’s in a guesthouse, and gave them a makeover.  After some delicate sanding the ELM crew put pieces of the original floor joists on the wall as a decorative shelf.


ELM has gotten a few of these requests to take pieces of an old house and repurpose the beauty of aged materials into another use.

If you are not ready for a remodel anytime soon, or do not have an older house with a treasure trove old materials, that is not a problem.

Elm is not encouraging dumpster diving, we are encouraging recycling and getting creative to put some living history into a home.

Yard sales, asking about that junk on the side of the road from a neighbor, or finding materials online can be great ways to create an original piece in your home with a little bit of effort, sandpaper, tools, stain, or paint.

If you have a remodel in mind, and have some older pieces you would like to keep in the house for another use, give ELM a call and we can talk about that in an estimate.

If you need some ideas on restoring old materials, check back with us and we will post more of our creative projects.


We are excited to announce that we are hiring a Bookkeeper / Office Manager!

Work somewhere you can actually make an impact!


“Bookkeeper / Office Manager”

Company Profile
ELM Construction LLC is a small, family owned, residential and light commercial construction company based in Vestavia, Alabama that primarily serves the “Over the Mountain” Area.  Since our first project in  2008, we have seen steady and consistent growth and plan to continue our growth by adding only the best available team members and partners.

General Summary of the Position
The Bookkeeper / Office Manager position is a full time staff position that performs a variety of administrative and support duties requiring knowledge of office procedures and a strong understanding of construction accounting / bookkeeping principles as well as an understanding of the organization, programs, and procedures related to work of the company. The Bookkeeper / Office Manager is responsible for the daily management of Sage 100 Contractor accounts receivable/payable, company payroll, State/Federal Tax payments and other human resource functions of ELM Construction LLC (ELM). The position also handles administrative tasks such as coordinating meetings, project reports, verbal and written communication with vendors, customers, contractors and subcontractors, managing company files, distributing mail, and managing office supplies. This is an internal office role (typically) that requires strong time management skills, written and oral communication skills, and organizational skills. The Bookkeeper / Office Manager also promotes positive customer relations and presents a professional image of the organization to visitors and the general public.

Duties and responsibilities (essential functions) include, but are not limited to, the following

  • Process invoices and other accounts payable transactions. 

    • Enter all transactions into Sage 100 Contractor financial software with appropriate job cost links or labeled with appropriate expense tags.  

    • Evaluate AP transactions and pay in timely manner, taking advantage of all available discounts when suitable for ELM.

  • Monthly reconciliation of P&L and Balance Sheet

  • Tracking YTD completed job financial performance versus budget

  • Determining work in progress (WIP) % complete reports and adjusting revenue and expenses accordingly

  • Up to date Job Cost Reports

  • Maintaining employee files, and hiring and firing procedures

  • Local, State and Federal regulatory and tax compliance

    • With Builder and Project Manager, ensures proper documentation is filed (i.e. EPA lead paint, etc…)

  • Insurance compliance, including preparing and representing ELM at insurance audits

  • Maintaining up to date Subcontractor agreements, tax and insurance information

  • Office organization and filing

  • Creates Customer Contract Documents from Templates

  • Tracks sales leads, referral sources, conversion rates and sales activities as needed to help forecast future sales. Assists with sales process as needed.

  • Setting up and updating Job Binders and building job templates in Buildtools, Sage 100 Contractor, etc for tracking financial performance

  • Creates dashboards and worksheets as needed to track projects in progress and future projects for the purposes of scheduling and forecasting revenue.

  • Tracks scheduled progress payments and assists in collecting from Clients as needed

  • Creates Change Orders with assistance from Project Manager and assists in collecting payments from clients as needed. Works with Designer to adjust contract prices for ‘Allowances’ as needed via customer Change Order.

  • Creates Invoices from scheduled payments or from Time and Material Contracts as needed

  • Process bi-weekly Payroll, annual 1099’s, w2’s and perform all other tax reporting as needed

  • Evaluates company processes and proposes improvements

  • Assists Builder with tangential business management such as rental and investment properties.

Additional Job Duties include

  • Understands Company Process and Capabilities and is capable of talking to customer prospects in a professional and qualified manner

  • May be required to Assist Builder or other ELM team members with additional work as needed to keep activities on schedule

    • Creating or reviewing schedules, estimates, scopes of work, etc

    • Communicating with Vendors, subs, building officials, etc as needed to keep work moving forward and on schedule

  • Updating or improving document templates to create a more efficient process

  • May be required to visit job sites, coordinate access or site logistics or perform light field work as needed to keep jobs on schedule.

  • Ability to clearly and concisely communicate with all stakeholders using a variety of media including verbal face to face and by phone, by text and by email.

  • Able to communicate with customers and coworkers in a professional and workmanlike manner.

  • Assists as needed with Pre Construction checklist, such as neighborhood letters, Job signs/permits, placards, etc.

  • Assists as needed with ELM Marketing or Branding activities such as newsletters, advertisements, social media, etc. Contributes to the overall success of the company.

  • Attends and/or conducts team meetings as needed to communicate.

Intangible qualities

  • Capable of working on multiple tasks simultaneously.

  • Ability to communicate clearly and concisely both orally in person and over the phone and in writing via text message and email.

  • Must be able to work diligently to complete tasks at hand without distraction. Must understand the urgency of completing work in the most efficient manner possible.

  • Must possess solid work habits such as maintaining a clean and safe worksite and present themselves in a professional and workmanlike manner.

  • Must be prompt and reliable in attendance.

  • Must be respectful of all customers and their property.

  • Must maintain a productive and agreeable attitude in all interactions with customer, vendor and company personnel

Education, Training and Experience

  • 5+ years of relevant experience or equivalent field and classroom background.

  • College degree is a plus, but not required.

Work Context

  • This position is primarily an administrative/office position and the physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this position. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

    • Sit

    • Use computer equipment perform close-work and screen work

    • Use hands to finger, handle, or feel

    • Reach with hands and arms

    • Talk or hear and communicate using the English language fluently

    • Lift and/or move up to 25 pounds

Special Requirements

  • Must possess or be able to obtain a valid and appropriate state driver’s license prior to employment and provide employer with a good driving record.

  • Must maintain reliable method of transportation.

The position can be a full time position and the pay is negotiable depending on experience.

Please note: This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive. Employee may perform other related duties to meet the ongoing needs of the organization.

If you'd like to apply for or would like more information about this position, email your resume or questions to