"Fun Products" that I loved from the International Builders Show

Last week, we had the pleasure of attending the International Builders Show in Las Vegas.  We traveled with a large group of professionals from Birmingham who are in the building industry as well.  It was a great time to network, learn how to better our industry and see wonderful new products available to make your home even better! The show is one of the largest light construction shows in the world.  It covers 500,000 net square feet of exhibits and more than 1400 manufacturers and suppliers.  Over 50,000 visitors from more than 100 countries  attended the 2016 show.  You can imagine, it is almost impossible to see the entire floor of products.   In fact, I spent much of time in workshops and only saw a small portion of all of the great products available.  However, of the small portion I saw, these were a few products that I want!. 


As soon as we saw this product, it was love at first sight! The design options were endless, and my friend immediately said that would make a great headboard!  Stik wood is the world’s first Peel & Stik reclaimed and sustainable wood planking.  It comes in different shades, textures, and even print! I can't wait to use this product! 

Stikwood display at the International Builders Show, 2016


Legrand Under Cabinet Lighting and Music System

Tired of everyone's electronic device cluttering up the countertop? I know I am! Legrand has an extensive product catalogue. Don't be intimidated, this is a great product. Think how great it would be to play music from your tablet, or even pull up a recipe while you are cooking!

Photo courtesy  from  the Legrand Website

Photo courtesy from the Legrand Website

Cannon Tv Wall Mount Vault

What a great way to camouflage your valuables.  If you are about to have a remodel that involves sheet rock, it would be a great time to add a wall safe.  

Photo Courtesy of Cannon Security Products

Photo Courtesy of Cannon Security Products

Night Glow Seats

At first we laughed when we walked by, then we quickly turned around and were sad that we did not think of the idea! My friend and I immediately thought how perfect this would be for a kids bathroom.  Don't worry, the material is white during the day and only glows in the dark! 

Photo taken at the International Builders Show 2016

Photo taken at the International Builders Show 2016

Of course, what's a work trip in Vegas without a little fun?! We saw Jersey Boys, and John Fogherty.  Both were fantastic shows.  If you have not ever been to Las Vegas, there is more to do than gamble! There are wonderful restaurants and the shopping is plentiful! Let me know what your favorite product is! 

Meet the Team Tuesday- Steve Martz

Steve Martz began working at ELM as a carpenter in 2014.   His sons, Adam and Matt work at ELM Construction as well.   We are excited to have Steve and his experience as part of the team.  Steve, is fast, knowledgeable and hardworking! He has had years of experience, and our customers love him! I had one customer last week tell me that their 4 year old sat outside on the swingset and asked Matt and Steve questions for hours about tools, and "what they were doing".  Our two daughters love talking to "Mr. Steve" too.   When asking the Martz Men questions in order to get content for this blog post, they were pretty tight lipped! However, Steve was the best sport answering my silly, "off the beaten path" questions.  

Fun Facts about Steve Martz

  • Breakfast was his favorite food as a child. 
  • He works with his 2 sons, Matt and Steve at ELM.
  • " Did you have to lick your calf over" is one of his favorite quotes.  I had to ask him to elaborate, and it means you did a job, then you had to go back and do it again!
  • He hates weed eating.

  • If he could choose to stay a certain age forever, he said 61.  Because he is worn out, but not broke down!

  • He wishes that he enjoyed reading books more.

  • If he won the lottery, the first thing he would buy is a new truck and camper.

  • If he has 30 minutes of free time, he watches the news.

  • The Outlaw is the last movie he watched.

  • Growing up, he got in trouble for pestering his 5 sisters.

  • A bike was the first thing he purchased with his own money.

Steve Martz

Steve Martz