Remodeling? Why Not Pamper Deserving Pets?

Are you planning to remodel your home? Why not include modifications for your four-legged family members? Adding pet built-ins into a kitchen remodel or another area of the home is easier than you think. After all, pets do a lot for their human families; they give comic relief with silly antics, convince us to exercise when we are feeling sluggish, and they always seem to know when we need quiet companionship. They deserve to have spaces enhancing the comfort and quality of their lives just like we do. 

Nooks for Privacy

If space is an issue in your home, consider the double-duty of a window seat with a built-in crate tucked beneath it for your pet, or a litter box nook that prevents litter tracking and masks odors. Most pets prefer to have spaces in the home where they can have privacy, especially if there are small children or younger pets that pester them. A perfect—often-unutilized—space is the area underneath your home’s staircase; this space can be modified to include a kennel, nook, litter room, or even a cat staircase!  


Hidden for Freshness: Feeding Stations

You can use custom cabinetry for food storage, which is classier than having a sack of pet food propped in a corner or stored in closet where it may be vulnerable to insects. Keep dog and cat food dishes in your pet’s customized nook, although not too close to your cat’s litter box! Food dishes can also be stowed away in custom designed drawers in a kitchen or laundry room or hidden in other parts of the home. 

Feeding stations are great options for pet owners who prepare their pet’s food fresh daily. The convenience of having food bowls tucked into a kitchen drawer makes choosing fresh feeding options far more appealing. It is also a perfect solution for owners of multiple pets who may exhibit aggression over food. Whether you have a dog that likes to eat the cat’s food, or dogs fighting over their food, separate feeding stations can be a wonderful option for keeping the peace. 

One detail to note is that fresh water should always be accessible for your pets!    


A Cozy Out of the Way Spot

Since your pet may get underfoot in the kitchen anyway, why not build them an under counter bed? You can either have it lifted off of the ground on a platform or placed directly onto the floor. A plush bed to fit the nook can be custom sewn. If you are experienced at sewing it can be a fun DIY project to complete at home. Foams and water-resistant battings are available at fabric shops. It can be enjoyable selecting the fabric patterns and textures you prefer. Just make sure fabric is stain resistant and washable and that you measure the space beforehand. You also want to include a zipper so that the bedcover can be removed for washing. 

If you are considering any home remodeling projects, take the time to consider every member of the family’s usability and comfort level of the new space, even your furry family members!