The Secret to Properly Lighting Your Kitchen

In most homes, your kitchen is the Central Station of your day to day life. This is the space where you gather the troops and plan out your day, week, or month. A place where grocery lists are made, food is prepared, and meals are served. And let’s not forget about entertaining. No matter where the party begins, your guests always seem to gravitate to the kitchen.

Your kitchen is where your busy lives intersect, and as a central hub, lighting will be essential in making the most out of your space. It’s a versatile area, and for that you’ll want the kind of versatile lighting to match.  For optimal coverage, your kitchen will benefit from three different layers of lighting: ambient, task, and accent.

Ambient Lighting:

This type of lighting would be considered your “cover-all” or main source of light throughout the room. Some kitchens benefit from a large amount of natural lighting, but when evening falls, you’ll want your kitchen to thrive under a soft blanket of light. Strategic ambient lighting will you give you enough light to function in your space, without having to worry about a harsh glare. When considering how to light your kitchen, keep in mind that the higher and brighter you set your fixtures along the ceiling, the more optimal your coverage will be. Great sources of ambient lighting range from recessed lighting, hanging chandeliers, or strategically placed pendant lights.

Task Lighting:

Task lighting is a must have for a space as multi-functional and task-oriented as your kitchen. Certain areas will need a more direct, contrasting light to bring your actions into better focus, such as an island, countertops, or a stovetop. Most countertops are set underneath your cabinet space, which allows for shadows to creep in throughout the day as ambient lighting takes over for natural lighting. Adding task lighting to the underside of cabinets will help you eliminate the shadows around your kitchen, and brighten up your workspaces! You can also add task lighting under your floor cabinets or island to highlight pathways throughout your kitchen. The most common task lighting options center on strip lights or evenly spaced puck lights for cabinets, and track lights for an island.

Accent Lighting:

Accent lighting is great for highlighting key elements in your kitchen by adding your own style or using a bit of dramatic flair. Whether you want to spotlight an art piece, showcase an elegant china cabinet, or add a few wall sconces for a dramatic emphasis, this is an attractive way to feature your favorite things. Lighting a kitchen correctly will require layers, and layering accent lighting into your ambient and task lighting will only add to the welcome and appeal of your kitchen. Accent lighting around the insides of cabinets or drawers is beneficial in brightening dark corners of storage spaces, while toe kick lights are prime for emphasizing the base of floor cabinets or a outlining a center island. Accents lights will ultimately allow you to establish the perfect mood lighting for any and every occasion, no matter if that’s based on a house full of dinner guests or just a cozy night in with the family.

If you have a kitchen that is dark and difficult to to use, it might be time to consider a redesign. The team at ELM Construction LLC are exceptional at designing kitchens that are beautiful, functional, and perfectly suited to your needs. If you are ready to see your dream become a reality, contact us today for a consultation.