Creating an Outdoor Living Space for All Seasons


We are excited to share with you the details of this spectacular, award-winning screened porch project that won a 2018 Alabama Remodeling Excellence Awards (AREA) in the category of Outdoor Living.

This house had a simple small back deck with old patio furniture and a faded umbrella. The homeowners wanted a screened covered porch that could be used as a place to drink coffee and host guests outside without worrying about the weather or mosquitos. The original deck had begun to show a lot of moisture damage and some rot especially along the edges. It seemed much older and more worn than the rest of the house and it also didn’t match the house.

We could have easily done a deck replacement, but the homeowner wanted a true outdoor living space with protection from all the elements. This remodel needed to match the rest of the house in style. We wanted to make this new addition look like it had been a part of the house since the beginning, while also maintaining the feel of a true outdoor living space.

The deck was replaced and expanded so that more seats and an outdoor dining table could fit comfortably. The main supports and columns were a specific size and were spaced to a certain length, not just for structural support but also for style. The column size and spacing created an interior look while the size of the screen around the columns and framing still made it an outdoor area. The combination created an atmosphere that could be enjoyed during any season and for any occasion. These homeowners actually had Thanksgiving lunch on the outside patio just after completion.

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