ZipUp the Deck For Game day

Finished Zipup underdeck

It is 4th & 1 with minutes left in the game, a storm is approaching and a very superstitious fan base believes moving inside will only mess up the positive vibes for the team, and they don’t want to split the TV with the rival fan base in the house. 

A mad dash for the tarps, the pop up tents (usually reserved for tailgating), and the jumbo garbage bags with duct tape to protect the deck and flat screen is a temporary, and usually unsuccessful attempt at saving the game day experience.  

Yep, that sums up watching college football in Alabama.

Birmingham is the number one city for College Football TV ratings almost every weekend. The Magic City is also known for blue skies one minute and a monsoon the next.

Football season is almost here, the weather will be cooler, and you will be having fanatic college football fans over for the big game. Don’t let your friends and family in a house divided fight over the living room TV when the games are overlapping, and the deck is soaked. 

Turn unused space under a leaky deck into an outdoor area to celebrate victories throughout the football season with a Zipup UnderDeck. The Zipup ceiling diverts water coming through the deck above to a gutter, keeping the space underneath dry. The Zipup can house a lighting or a fan fixture, and can match any size or shape of deck.  

Once your Zipup is finished set up some outdoor furniture, a big screen, and enjoy the game outside worry free.

ELM Construction is a Birmingham dealer for this product, and can keep your game day parties going during the storms. 

If you have questions about the product check out the website below, checkout the slideshow above, or contact ELM Construction.

War Eagle, Roll Tide & Go Blazers !