One hidden Solution that makes Laundry less of a chore!

One of the things I love most about working with our customers is going in after the job is completed, and seeing all of the changes that were made during the renovation.  It is always fun to see the vision on paper become a reality! One of my favorite projects from last year was this kitchen remodel.  Our customer was a couple that had lived in their home for over 27 years. They raised their children in it, moved them out of the house, became empty nesters and then decided it was time to do some remodeling and renovate the kitchen!  In addition to wanting the kitchen updated, we also had a problem to solve- the laundry space in the basement! One of the chores the homeowner dreaded was trudging up and down the basement stairs with a laundry basket full of clothes! Our solution was moving the laundry space from the basement into the kitchen. 

The before and after pictures really show an amazing transformation.  However, the feature that I love most in this kitchen is the laundry area.  Not only is it discreet, but the countertop can be used as a folding table while doing the laundry, or as a serving area when having guests over! The side panel is removable, which provides easy access for service if needed. The washer and dryer are front loading appliances, and the doors concealing the space open just like a cabinet! Unless you live there, you would never know that the laundry space is hidden in the kitchen!

This remodel not only updated the space, but also helped the owner solve the problem of having a laundry room in the basement!


 Cabinets and Countertop - Alabama Cabinet Company

  • Cabinets: Americana Capital
  • Door Style: Atlanta Raised panel
  • Finish: Champagne Chocolate glaze 
  • Countertop- New Venetian Gold Granite

Whirlpool Appliances- Southern Kitchen and Bath

Project Gallery - ELM Construction LLC

Photo Credit- Natan Shar, BHam Tours