Tools we love & use everyday

As a consumer, walking into a big box store to pick out a tool can be a bit overwhelming.  At ELM, we can get a little "geeky" when it comes to gadgets, and even more so when it comes to mobile apps! I recently asked the crew to let me know their favorite tools (other than smart phones)  that they use most often,  and I wanted to pass along the info to you.  

Elliott was given the Fenix PD25 LED  flashlight as a fathers day gift from Emma Grace and Mary Laslie.  As much as we love to give him a hard time about always having his "trusty" flashlight, it has been a winner on job sites and at home! He loves it because it is compact and he carries it in his pocket with his keys.  The light is LED with with the ability to strobe and has four different lighting levels.  

Fenix PD25 Flashlight

Fenix PD25 Flashlight

As far as apps go, Elliott uses Construction Master Pro several times a week.  It calculates feet and inches, roof angles, and quantities of concrete,just to name a few.  This could easily be considered one of the best things we have ever spent $20.00 on!

Adam spends so much time in the field, making sure are jobs running smoothly.  His "can't live without" tools include a tape measure and The Weather Channel mobile app being installed on his phone. 

Matt and Steve are very hands on during our projects.  Their favorite tools include:


This impact drill is a favorite on ELM projects. It is lighter and more compact than a regular drill, which makes work easier.   It also has a hammer drill function that helps when applying screws. 

The DREMEL is great for sharpening other tools, cutting nails and can grind materials such as metal, wood and plastic. 

This small, multi use pry bar works well on demolition as well as making fine tuned adjustments on doors, trim and windows.  

I hope you enjoyed our Tool Box round up, and hopefully you got a new gift idea for the handy person in your life!