Meet the Team Tuesday- LeArden Pike

Elliott, LeArden Mary Laslie (7 1/2) and Emma Grace (12 1/2)

Elliott, LeArden Mary Laslie (7 1/2) and Emma Grace (12 1/2)

My husband,  Elliott started ELM Construction in October of 2008.  While our girls were little, I always worked part time.   However, when our youngest started elementary school, I began feeling anxious about what I was going to do while she was in school all day, everyday.  I realized that I would have more time, and it was a no brainer to become more involved with the company.  From the beginning of ELM, Elliott always referred to it as "ours", so I started looking at things I could do to get more involved, and help take some of the load off of Elliott!  For those of you that are small business owners, you know how long the day is! I started out helping a few days a week in 2013, and that has slowly increased over time to everyday!  "So, what do you do at ELM"?  I hear that often!  I will freely admit, I am not the designer, nor am I the book keeper.  My role  at ELM varies,  but overall I focus on social media, web design, marketing and project management support.   I am also actively involved with the Vestavia Hills City Schools Foundation and the Greater Birmingham Association of Home Builders.  One of my favorite things about working at ELM is having opportunities to interact with our customers.  Whether I'm assisting someone during the selection process of picking out their tile,  or when the job is complete and we are taking "after" shots of their home, the excitement that customers have about their project is contagious.   


Things you may not know about LeArden

  • When I was little my nickname was "Motor Mouth"  and "Onion"

  • I love to Jazzercise. It's my therapy. Don't laugh until you try it. It's not leg warmers and old ladies with 80's music. 

  • Being a domestic diva does not come naturally. I hate folding clothes, vacuuming and mopping.

  • I weighed 2 lbs and 15 ounces when I was born.

  • I met my husband Elliott at Camp Mac when we were both counselors in 1994.

  • When I was little, I remember hating my name, and asking my parents if I could change it to "Linda".  They were not on board with that!

  • My grandmother was a dance teacher in Montgomery.  I'm sure she was mortified that I could not touch my toes or do the splits (and I still can't)!

  • My favorite food as a child was my grandmother, Big Mama's spaghetti.

  • I have only broken one bone in my life, and it was my shoulder! (I fell ice skating with the kids)

  • Last week I learned the importance of not saying "yes" to multiple events in one day...

  • I love "double" first names.

  • My favorite time of day is picking our girls up from school and spending the afternoon with them.

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