Meet the Team Tuesday- Steve Martz

Steve Martz began working at ELM as a carpenter in 2014.   His sons, Adam and Matt work at ELM Construction as well.   We are excited to have Steve and his experience as part of the team.  Steve, is fast, knowledgeable and hardworking! He has had years of experience, and our customers love him! I had one customer last week tell me that their 4 year old sat outside on the swingset and asked Matt and Steve questions for hours about tools, and "what they were doing".  Our two daughters love talking to "Mr. Steve" too.   When asking the Martz Men questions in order to get content for this blog post, they were pretty tight lipped! However, Steve was the best sport answering my silly, "off the beaten path" questions.  

Fun Facts about Steve Martz

  • Breakfast was his favorite food as a child. 
  • He works with his 2 sons, Matt and Steve at ELM.
  • " Did you have to lick your calf over" is one of his favorite quotes.  I had to ask him to elaborate, and it means you did a job, then you had to go back and do it again!
  • He hates weed eating.

  • If he could choose to stay a certain age forever, he said 61.  Because he is worn out, but not broke down!

  • He wishes that he enjoyed reading books more.

  • If he won the lottery, the first thing he would buy is a new truck and camper.

  • If he has 30 minutes of free time, he watches the news.

  • The Outlaw is the last movie he watched.

  • Growing up, he got in trouble for pestering his 5 sisters.

  • A bike was the first thing he purchased with his own money.

Steve Martz

Steve Martz