Wayback Wednesday- ELM Construction...How it all began

Elliott and LeArden serving lunch to volunteers at a Habitat Build, 2010

Elliott and LeArden serving lunch to volunteers at a Habitat Build, 2010

Have you ever wondered how somebody got their start? What made somebody decide to start their own business? October 28th officially marks our anniversary,  I thought it may be fun to go back and document how it all began. I looked for pics from the "early days" and this was the earliest I could find! The only way I can guess what year this picture was taken in, is from the little red head toddling around in the background! I'm thinking she was about 2 years old in the photo, and she is 7 1/2 now! 

 In 2008,  ELM Construction LLC was born. Everyone winces when we mention the year 2008- great time to start a business, huh? The economy was tanking... quickly.   However, we managed to survive and grow.  Elliott set up shop in our master bedroom and In a matter of 8 years,  ELM moved from the master bedroom to our daughter's nursery, the garage, some rental space in Hoover and now to our location in Cahaba Heights.   Elliott has always been a bit of a "handy guy"- always interested in projects and quite the DIY'er. He also has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, and the desire to own his own business.  

"ELM Construction" - what does it stand for? I often have to say "You know, like the tree".  Does it stand for the ELM tree? No, ELM construction is the acronym for our two daughters (Emma Grace and Mary Laslie) and myself (LeArden).

For those of you that know Elliott, you know that he is humble, and typically, does not like attention on him.  However, (because he is not writing this post)  I would like to highlight some of the "bright spots"  ELM have had over the past few years!

  • 2014 Home Builders Association of Alabama Remodeler of the Year
  • Master Remodeler
  • Certified Graduate Remodeler (CGR)
  • A certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS)
  • National Association of Home Builders Member
  • Board of Directors of the Greater Birmingham Association of Home Builders
  • Vice-President of the Remodelers Council
  • Alabama Accredited Lead-Based Paint Renovator
  • 2014 Best of HOUZZ
  • Alabama Remodeling Excellence Award Winner 2014 and 2015

Happy Birthday, ELM! We would especially like to thank our customers, employees, vendors and subcontractors for helping grow ELM.  Here's to many more!