It's Tuesday...Here's a tip...

Are you considering remodeling or renovating your home? I know when we started thinking of remodeling our on house, we were living in a 2 bedroom 1 bath house, with a four year old and had a baby on the way! We needed more space, ASAP.  We started looking at moving, but once we began searching, we realized we could customize our space for our growing family and not have to leave the neighborhood we loved!  Renovating was definitely the right choice for us.  Knowing that my husband is "in the business"  I often have friends stop me in the grocery store, at church or around town and say " I need to call you...We are thinking about renovating our space."  I'm always excited to help folks along with the process, and thought I would share with you some tips straight from the "horse's mouth" so to speak.  Elliott Pike, owner of ELM Construction LLC is a licensed Commercial General Contractor and  a Residential Home Builder / Remodeler.  He shared the following tips for folks considering a renovation:

  • Pick a professional remodeling contractor  that you really trust. If you don't know any, ask around.  Most of our referrals come from previous customers!  Also, you can contact your local Home Builders Association for licensed professionals. 
  • Once you find someone you like, make sure you ask for a copy of their Contractor's license, insurance and a list of references, then actually call the references!  
  • Partner with that contractor from the beginning of the project!  That means openly discuss your budget to see if it's realistic then let them work with you (and your designer or architect) to build to your plans to your budget.  Too often plans are created on paper that if actually built, would far exceed the Owner's budget.  When that happens, it only causes frustration and delays!

I hope the above tips will help get you started with your remodel! I don't regret my remodel one bit! I love our neighbors, school and community.   Renovating our existing space was definitely the right choice for our family.