What is That? - August 28, 2015

One of my favorite segments on the show "This Old House" (yes, I still watch it!) is "What is That."  In this part of the show, one of the hosts presents an unusual object to the other hosts and they have to try and figure out what it is.  

Now, let's see how good you are!  What is That?

Is this a...

  • Bucket screen for paint rollers
  • Clip-on step-ladder tray
  • Debris guard for gutters
  • Repair clip for drywall


It's a repair clip for drywall! 

These Wal-Board Tool steel clips grip the edges of a drywall hole, making it easy to patch. One screw holds the clip tight to the drywall while another one anchors the clip to the patch. The clip's arms snap off so that the patch can be finished flush.


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