Meet the Team Tuesday - Adam Martz

 Behind every company , there is a team of individuals that work together to make the oiled machine run.  At ELM Construction, we are so thankful for our team, and would like to introduce them to you over the next few weeks.  

If you have hired ELM Construction  for a remodel or complete renovation, chances are you have met Adam.  We first met Adam in April of 2011.  Many of you may remember that month due to the tornados that occurred and devastated many communities in Birmingham and the surrounding area.   Adam and his wife Jenny lived in Pleasant Grove during that time and their apartment was destroyed.  In fact, Elliott conducted his interview with Adam while they rode around town measuring jobs from all of the storm damage.  Talk about a "hands on interview". 

Adam is great to have on staff.  He is knowledgeable, hard working, even keel and our customers love him.  He is a graduate of UAB with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and has worked construction for more than 13 years.  Adam joined ELM Construction in May 2011 as a Project Manager.

We wanted to find out even more about him.  He's tough to crack... it was hard to get information out of him!

10 Things you may not know about Adam:

  • The 1 chore he absolutely hates doing...dusting.
  • His favorite food as a child...getting ICEES.
  • If he could learn to do anything, he would learn to play the guitar.
  • The celebrity he often gets told he looks like? Kevin Bacon.
  • A little known "fun fact" about Adam? He ran the Boston Marathon!
  • The hardest thing he's ever done? Qualifying for the Boston Marathon.
  • When asked what food he likes to splurge on, he said he runs, so he can eat what he wants!
  • If he could work on only one project for a year, it would be building a cabin in the woods.
  • He met his wife Jenny while training for a marathon.
  • His favorite time of year? The Fall!

Thanks Adam for all of the hard work you do at ELM.  We love having you as part of our team!